The Antiquarian Horological Society, based in England, has an American section which holds periodic meetings, often during an NAWCC symposium.  This year's meeting, as announced below by Section President Jim Cipra, is open to all attendees of our 2016 conference, without advanced reservation.   On Saturday, October 8th, simply grab a quick lunch and then return to the auditorium for a second presentation by expert horologist Philip Poniz.

The Antiquarian Horological Society, U.S.A Section, will conduct the annual business meeting at 12:15 PM, Saturday afternoon, October 8, 2016. It will be held during the Ward Francillon Time Symposium, 30 minutes into the break for lunch. Enjoy a quick lunch and join us in Winterthur’s Copeland Auditorium for a brief annual business meeting and election of officers, followed by a program ending at 1PM. The location is the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, 5101 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE 19735.

For our program, watch and horological expert, Philip Poniz, will present “UNKNOWN ADVANCED WATCH TECHNOLOGY IN 18TH CENTURY AMERICA”. Philip will introduce the advanced technical and practical features of the historically and technically important, completely American watch, built by inventor Henry Voigt for, the Revolutionary publicist and journalist, Francis Bailey. You are likely to be most unhappy should you fail to see this presentation.


Given the internationally respected and beautiful Winterthur Museum venue and the many speakers with varied topics , this is an impressive Symposium that you will not wish to miss.

Travel safely, Jim Cipra